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Welcome to the Tool Chemical Composite product line of Axson. We are committed to manufacturing technologically advanced products and are fully capable of meeting requirements presented by computer-assisted design, rapid prototyping, just-in-time inventory and reverse engineering. We are equally committed to manufacturing and distributing our products in an environmentally responsible fashion.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 and Mil Spec certified plant that is committed to Total Quality Management, Process Control and Continuous Improvement. This ensures that our products are consistent, predictable and application-proven.

TCC is your single source for high performance epoxy resin systems, casting urethane systems and CNC Tooling Planks®. Our customers represent a variety of industries, including the automotive, aircraft, aerospace, marine, foundry and electrical industries. These customers have relied on our products to create some of the most technologically advanced designs and products in existence today.

With worldwide distribution, an established presence in Private Labeling and Toll Compounding, Flexible Packaging and Plank Sizing and a dedicated Customer Service Team, Axson of Michigan is positioned to be your single source for composite tooling materials.

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